The automatic hose reels VGM are made of hot-galvanized moulded steel and coated with electrostatic polyester powder resistant to UV rays. The VGMX models, thanks to the structure made of stainless steel type AISI 304, are the most suitable for environments requiring a good resistance to corrosion and particularly for food factories. They are designed to distribute fluids like diesel fuel, oil, urea solutions (AdBlue), antifreeze, windshield liquid, water-based solutions of detergents or disinfectants, by flexible hoses 3/4” and 1” diameter.

They cannot be used with petrol, solvents, flammable or highly corrosive liquids. The components which go in contact with the fluid are produced with materials resistant to oxidation and compatible with several chemical products.

The hose reels rewind automatically the hose by a spring located in the drum and can lock it at the desired length. The hose-guide arms can be fixed in three different positions according to the hose reel installation. Standard lateral protective covers and flexible hose for connection to the system for models with composite swivel joint.

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